Anais Nin UMM is sold to Saudi Arabia

Congratulations to Mr. Yousef Alhajri from Saudi Arabia with the purchase of beautiful Anais Nin Umm (Borsalino K x MM Ayla by Ajman Moniscione)! In foal to Aja Justified for March 2020! We wish you all the best with this sweetheart.

Anais will stay a while at Koo Arabians to have her baby before they will travel together to their new home. A big thank you to Nadine Koo for this assistance sale.

Porlain el Marwteyn is sold

Congratulations to the happy new owner of Porlain el Marwteyn (ZT Marwteyn x Porla el Bri). We are truly happy that Porlain has found such a wonderful new home where she will be cherished and spoiled as she is used to.

Naphis Palestra is sold to UK

Congratulations to the new happy owner from UK to your purchase of the charming Naphis Palestra (Shanghai EA x Porlain el Marwteyn).

You are going to love her. Close to my heart for so many reasons. We can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Naphis Pegasus is sold to Belgium

Warm congratulations to the new owner from Belgium of Naphis Pegasus (Shakar Pegasus x Porlain el Marwteyn). We wish a lot of success and happiness with his new addition.

Chaleureuses félicitations  au nouveau propriétaire de Belgique de notre prince Naphis Pegasus (Shakar Pegasus x Porlain el Marwteyn). Nous souhaitons beaucoup de succès et de joie avec ce jeune poulain. Je suis si heureuse qu’il a trouvé un si chouette nouveau propriétaire, comme il le mérite!

Naphis Illuminati is sold!

Congratulations to the new owner of Naphis Illuminati (Lawrence el Gazal x FT Ingrid). He could not have found a better home. We wish you all the best with this lovely boy!

Naphis Kohinoor goes to Italy

Congratulations with all our heart to our friend Eleonora Dente from Italy on the acquisition of Naphis Kohinoor (EA Arjen el Marwteyn x N.A. Kalila).
What a great start to build up a boutique breeding program. We wish you all the best!

New home for Naphis Sephora

When dreams comes true! Congratulations to the new owner of Naphis Sephora (Eden C x Sorella el Hadiyah).
We could not be more happy with her new „family“ in Austria. We wish you the best time with her!

Naphis Polaris is sold!

It was love at first sight.
Congratulations to the new owners from Germany on the acquisition of our very special boy Naphis Polaris (Falah al Shaqab x Porlain el Marwteyn).
Polaris will have a very promising career as breeding stallion in front of him. He has it all: The looks, the attitude and the pedigree to be really one of the great ones. We wish
you all the best with him!

Naphis Mansour is sold!

Our heartfelt congratulations to the new owner of the beautiful and very special colt Naphis Mansour (SMA Magic One x Harmattan Maharaba). We wish you all the best with this lovely boy!

N.A. Latifah is sold!

What a beautiful Christmas present for all!

Going to France!
Congratulations to the new owner of N.A. Latifah (El Chall WR x Harmattan Lutecia).

I know you will have much success and joy with her. She is a very special mare and she will always keep a place in my heart.