Visions 2018

We are very excited to announce following mares in foal:

  • Our leasing mare FT Ingrid (YLLAN EL JAMAAL x INDIA REYNA) in foal to Lawrence el Gazal (Gazal al Shaqab x Lara el Ludjin) for April
  • N.A. Kalila (GR Amaretto x Karta) in foal to EA Arjen el Marwteyn (ZT Marwteyn x Ancholy Ali) for April 
  • Harmattan Maharaba (Europe’s Padron x Hamy de Gargassan) in foal to Shiraz de Lafon (Shangai EA x Diacira de Lafon) for May
  • Porlain el Marwteyn (ZT Marwteyn x Porla el Bri) in foal to Falah al Shaqab (Fadi al Shaqab x Joseph Just Emotion) for July

If you have any questions or need further information about our unborn foals, please feel free to contact us.

AHO Arabian Breeders Cup 2017 – Chantilly

Naphis Masai Mara (Aria Tresor IA x Harmattan Maharaba)
Chantilly Arabian Breeders Cup 2017 – Top Five Junior Fillies B

We are more then proud of our homebred girl! It was a fabulous experience to be part of this show!
Thank you to Schoukens Training Center for everything! And thank you Henrike Hörmann and SiRphotography for the photos!

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Welcome Anais Nin Umm

Sometimes you have to go ALL in. Thank you Pamela Moell to give Anais to us.
It feels like she is out of this world. 100% feminine and an ethereal beauty!

Naphis Lutfiyah is sold!

There are times when quick decisions get you the best horses!

Congratulations to the new happy owner from Naphis Lutfiyah (Don Luciano SL x N.A. Latifah)!

We wish you all the best with this beautiful filly!

Ann Margret UMM is sold!

Congratulations to the new owner from Ann Margret UMM (Borsalino K x MM Anita).

We couldn’t imagine a better home for her! Good luck in the future and thanks for great cooperation!

European C Show Ströhen

Veni Vidi Vici!

GOLD Medal for Naphis Masai Mara (Aria Tresor IA x Harmattan Maharaba) chosen out of the 14 best Junior Fillies – European C Show in Ströhen!

Thank you to Glenn Schoukens, Tom Schoukens and the whole team.

The biggest hug to her groom, Hanna Slegers for believing in her and getting her ready!

We are more then proud of our homebred girl!

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Bruges International Arabian Horse Event

Wonderful weekend for us in Bruges!

As in showing it is a lot of times one day up and one day down, so we cherish the good moment. At one point the results don’t even matter because whatever the results, I love to see our horses in show! Naphis Masai Mara our little dancing queen and Ann Margret UMM.

Sometimes it’s fun to believe in luck! A big thank you to Al Kashab Stud to offer 1 breeding from Shakar Pegasus at the show! We are very very happy to have won the breeding from this extraordinary young stallion!

And of course always thank you to Schoukens Training Center!

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Welcome Naphis Palestra

Dreams do come true for those who dare to believe in themselves… We are more then happy to welcome Naphis Palestra (Shanghai EA x Porlain el Marwteyn). This filly we have tried to make from so many years… Never stop dreaming!

Int. C Show Sint-Oedenrode

Our little moving machine Naphis Masai Mara (Aria Tresor x Harmattan Marahaba) did it again!

Classwinner in a tough class and BRONZE Medal Winner Junior Fillies Sint-Oedenrode!

Thank you to Glenn Schoukens and the whole team! And thank you to Frederik Van Sas for showing Naphis Masai Mara so nicely in the Championship!

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