A queen is gone

How can I bear to lose you,
my precious gentle one,
to know that you will not be here
when my day is done.

So much of my heart, my love,
have I given up to you,
how then can I stand the pain
now that your life is through.

My sorrow overwhelms me,
the tears so freely flow,
how can I carry on my life,
with a heart that’s laden so.

Then the answer comes to me
from the stillness in my soul,
remembering the love we shared
will help to make me whole.

I’ll hold you in a special place,
so deep within my heart,
and in these loving memories,
we’ll never be apart.

You will not be so far away,
your presence I will feel.
I’ll wrap myself in memory
and slowly I will heal.

The years we shared, the little joys,
the laughter and the tears,
my love for you will never die,
but strengthen with the years.

So fare you well, my precious love,
I gently let you go,
and pray to all the Gods’ there be
that you will always know,

I loved you so,
my little one, that love will never cease,
I gave you warmth, I gave you love,
and now I give you peace…

Misteria (Balaton x Magnitka) 1998 – 2016